Frequently asked

Are males different than females in temperament?

There is not a significant difference between males and females.  The males might like to explore a little bit more but both sexes love to stay at home and are affectionate members of the family.

How are they with children?

Great, they are natural protectors and very gentle with young children, often tolerating lots of «abuse».  When they feel «mistreated», they will often go to complain to the mother to get help.  They are so sweet that sometimes we have to watch that they don't get hurt.

Do they need lots
of exercise?

They adapt to the family's situation.  They can run outside all day or live in a condo.  They get along well with other people and can sit and be petted for hours.





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Are  they constant and non stop barkers?

No a Havanese develops a sense of territoriality at a very early age and will let the family know if someone is approaching them or is on the property.

What are their
grooming needs?

They are considered to be non-shedding.  If you use a pin «brush» on them for five minutes every day, alternating the brushing with the fur's grain and then against it, your havanese will look and feel grreat.  By the way, they are often shown «au naturel»

Does it take long to
house-break them?

They are easy to house-break.  House-breaking may take one or two weeks if you use a crate.  Many of our puppies are almost house-broken before they leave in their new homes.

What kind of personality
do they have?

They have great personalities.  They have a keen sense of humor and know when you're teasing and you better look out, or they will tease you back in return.  They are friendly with everyone and follow you everywhere you go.