Gallery of my boys


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Dartagnan (Lotus) z Domlina

This is Dartagnan that took a Group 2.

Dartagnan is a little adorable devil that is full of life. On this picture he is a young adult and doing just great.

Pablo Pocopayasos' et Dartagnan (Lotus)

This is Pablo which is an adult and Dartagnan next to him that is just a puppy. They are best friends and enjoy each other's company.

Pablo Pocopayasos' at Domlina

This is Pablo that just made Best Puppy in Group. Pablo made many Best Puppy in Group and he became a Canadian Champion at a very young age. Pablo is very sweet and has a great personality.

Attitude z Domlina

This picture was taken when Attitude was 2 months of age. He always had a way to show us how proud he was and especailly when he was showing.

Dartagnan (Lotus) z D0mlina

This is Dartagnan that too a Group 1 at Chomedy.

He is often shown by Linda St-Hilaire which is quite a good handler.

Dartagnan has made 9 Best Puppy in Group placements.

Dartagnan (Lotus) z Domlina

Dartagnan once again with a Group 1 placement in Quebec. We are very proud of him. He loves the show ring. He is regularly shown by René Blouin, a professional handler.

Pablo Pocopayasos' at Domlina

This is a picture of Pablo finishing his Canadian Championship He is handled by René Blouin.

Dartagnan (Lotus) z Domlina

Dartagnan takes another group 1 at The Royal Canin Classic. All the dogs shown were examined by three different judges who decided which dog was the best one in Group. We were very proud of him. He was shown once again by Linda St-Hilaire.

Gaston z Domlina

Gaston z Domlina has made a Group 2 already at a very young age. His official name is Domlina the One and Only

Miro z Domlina

Miro is a great boy and produces beautiful puppies. He really loves just being at home and enjoying the company of his doggy friends. He doesn't like the show ring, too much noise and too many dogs.

Domlina's Ace of Spades

His show name is Ace of Spades but we call him Pirate. He loves that name and he is a little Pirate. He was shown as a puppy and did Best Puppy in Show. This year he will be shown again to finish he Canadian Championship. He is sweet, cuddly, affectionate and has a phenomenal memory. He is a great boy and is friendly to everyone.