Domlina's Havanese






She loves posing for pictures.  She knows when to stand still for a picture and to look her best. 

Chai is very sociable and just loves people.  She lives for us and our family.  Chai is very bright, understand everything, listens very well.  Sometimes she hesitates coming especially when she is having fun or busy playing with her toys.


Chai is a very loving little dog.  She follows us everywhere.  She also loves to play in the garden and check if I am pulling those weeds out the right way - always watching me. 

This year she was shown and made her championship in just two shows.  She did very well.  She is very alert, attentive and full of joy when she shows.  Everyone falls in love with Chai; she has such a great personality.

I talk about her as if she was my dog but really her heart belongs to my husband.  They fell in love  at first sight.  Everywhere he goes, she goes. 

Gitane z Domlina

This is Gitane z Domlina.  She is a very sweet female with a great disposition.
One of her puppies, Attitude z Domlina, won Reserve Best Dog at Crufts in England in 2009  and in 2010 Attidude  took 3rd in the Open class at Crufts.
Gitane is very sweet, cuddly and very affectionate.  She turned 13 1/2 this year and still healthy and part of our family.

Diva z Domlina

Here is Diva z Domlina.  We call her Didi.
One of her puppies, Bomba z Domlina, took  Best Bitch at Crufts this year in 2010.
Diva is very sweet and spoiled by my husband.  She gets him to do everything she wants. My husband doesn't mind.

Kira z Domlina


She is barely 9 months of age and is part of the Domlina's family.  She is active, cuddly and very sure of herself.


I love watching my mom working in the flower gardens.  I spend all day on the grounds and I keep her  company, she  never works in the garden by herself because I am always there to help her.


Los Companero's Marley

She just arrived at Domlina and is a delight to have.  She is sweet, very expressive and very friendly with everyone.  She will be shown in the spring of 2011.  Marley is retired and lives at a good friend of mine.

Shana z Domlina

She is just so sweet, gentle and affectionate.
She loves everyone.
She is very feminine and gets along with all the household.
She finished her championship this year at 8 years of age.  We had never shown her and she finished in 2 weekends.  Shana is retired and lives nearby.

Leika z Domlina


She is a very sweet girl.  She finished her championship in 2 shows taking two group 2 at the age of 6 months.  Judges loved her.  She is a very sweet and gentle female and loves the attention.


























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