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1. How did you find Domlina?



2. Why do you think that the Havanese is the breed for you?



3. Have you ever seen a Havanese?



4. Researching for this breed what interested you particularly?



5. What seduced you about the Havanese?



6. What will be your biggest challenge with this breed?



7. Why are you looking for a dog?



8. Are you looking for a show puppy or a pet puppy?



9. In what kind of environment would our puppy be going to?



10. What is your experience with dogs?



11. What do you love the most about a dog and what do you hate the most about a dog?



12. What do you think is the best way to keep a dog happy, obedient and well trained?



13. What kind of activity would you be doing with your new puppy?



14. Do you have a fenced backyard?



15. How would you keep your puppy secure when it is outside?



16. Is there someone at home all day or would you come back at lunch time for the puppy?



17. Where would your puppy sleep at nightime?



18. Do you have any children and if so, how old are they and what is their experience with dogs?



19. What kind of arrangement would you have that the puppy would not be alone all day if you are working?



20. What will you do with the puppy when you go on holidays?



21. Do you have a veterinairian that you can trust?



22. What would oblige you to put your dog asleep?



23. What would oblige you to sell your dog?



24. Do you have a preference for a male or female and why?



25. How will you handle house-breaking the puppy?



26. How would you stop a young puppy from eating your shoes, furniture?



27. What will you do when your puppy cries and barks the firtst night he is home?



28. What would you do if you would move and not be able to bring your puppy with you?



29. What will you do if your puppy has a behaviour problem?



30. Convince me that the Havanese is the dog for you.




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