The answer to this question is straightforward. We have been breeding dogs for over  30 years. Our original breeding stock has come from what we consider the best and has an ancestry that we can be proud of.

         Not only do we pay attention to conformation and color- we put a strong emphasis on temperament. It is important that our puppies adapt well to family environments.

        Our puppies are home raised and handled with loving care from the day they are born to the day they leave for their new homes.

          Future owners are kept up to date as to the progress of their reserved puppies. All our puppies are thoroughly examined by a veterinarian, vaccinated and given a certificate of good health before sending them on their way.

          Domlina  intends to do its best maintaining the standard and the characteristics of this breed.


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Domlina's Havanese are happy and Playful

They have their own living space when  we are not home.  
They are free with us on the property as we have an invisible fence to keep them close to us and in security.
They spend most of the time in the house enjoying our company as much as we enjoy theirs.


  • Another good reason. - We love this breed and treat it with respect and as a member of our family.

  • We care about our dogs, those little persons that give us so much joy and affection.

  • You can come and visit us and find out more about those little ones that we are so proud of.